About Agung Silver Jewelry

The Brand

Agung Silver is active in handmade silver jewelry production since 1989. We have jewelries of silver and swasa as a perfect gifts for yourself or someone else with a wide selection of rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

The highly crafted jewelries are designed from small district in Batan Krajan Mojokerto, East Java Indonesia. It is a small city which is well-known in 13th to 15th centuries as the capital city of Majapahit Emperor. Majapahit ruled South East Asia, from Papua to Champa. Back then, Majapahit are famous for their high culture. It is proven by its artefacts such as teracota, moven and the architectures.



Agung Silver will continue to increase its business consistently for consumers who want to follow the technological developemtns. Agung Silver also seeks reply in accordance with he attempt to tackle a wide range of customer expectations and satisfaction. All in all, Agung Silver vision is to be a creative and the best jewelry company.

Agung Silver Jewelry Founder.